Darlene Gait

Artist Darlene Gait:

I created images that reflected Dance, Nature, Music and Spirituality. The continuing mountainous background, allowed me to place medicinal plants and flowers as well as old growth and a village setting. Giving the viewer a chance to catch a glimpse of history.

The Blessing, written in Lekwungen, was selected for it’s simplicity and beauty of words that really shows our connection to the land and sea.

I wanted to show the importance of how our Ancestors never took more than what they needed, keeping a genuine balance in Nature and way of life.

The speaker in the beginning of the wall, unites both Nations as it was in the past.

Butch Dick

Artist Butch Dick

That we greet each day with gratitude and give thanks for allowing us to breathe the good air and walk the good earth and to walk with good people. And at the end of each day we are able to look back at our footsteps and we are satisfied that we walked in the footsteps of our Selwan, the ancestors and our Sila, the elders in the way that they intended us to walk with pride and dignity. That we carried the language and the teachings in a good way.