Ogden Point

The area that is now known as the City of Victoria has been home to Aboriginal people for thousands of years. Villages were located throughout the Inner Harbour area and the Outer Harbour, where the breakwater is now located, provided abundant seafood as well as a protected look-out point and greeting area.

In 1916, in anticipation of a massive increase in trade from vessels using the soon to be completed Panama Canal, the existing 2,500 foot granite and concrete breakwater was completed at Ogden Point using over 1 million tons of rock and 10,000 granite blocks.

Until 2009, the breakwater remained unadorned. Through the vision of community elders, with the support of Greater Victoria Harbour Authority and the Odgen Point Enhancement Society, the breakwater, which serves as the Pacific gateway to Victoria, a functional port and a recreational walkway for thousands of people, is being transformed into a unifying bridge between cultures.

About Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

GVHA was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in February 2002, and began operating its four port facilities, divested from Transport Canada, in April 2002. Acting as an advocate for the harbour, GVHA is working to improve its function as a working harbour and a marine transportation centre, with a strong focus on supporting the development of the tourism industry. The GVHA Board of Directors is comprised of nine member agencies including the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.

GVHA is committed to honouring and celebrating the rich culture of the First Nations people who once lived lives of abundance in village sites along the protected harbour that is now our capital city. Looking forward with respect and a commitment to be inclusive, GVHA is actively seeking opportunities to narrow the gap of understanding and opportunity that exists between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures.

About the Ogden Point Enhancement Society

The Ogden Point Enhancement Society is a group of dedicated volunteers committed to the continued beautification of the Ogden Point terminal - what many consider to be the most beautiful place to dock a cruise ship in Canada. Founded in 1996, the Society has undertaken and completed several initiatives including a public park, pathways and interpretive kiosks and is committed to working toward the completion of Na’ tsa’ maht - the Unity Wall mural.